Information and procedures


Club members and visitors must follow these procedures when playing at St George's school


  1. Players shall elect to play on a Wednesday by booking by 1700 on the preceding Monday.
  2. It is essential that having elected to play, that you do. So, having elected to play, a fee of £5.50 will be transferred to the club in place of a one-off membership charge.  This is non-refundable in the event of a no show.
  3. A nominated club representative will then select playing bubbles or teams of up to 6, dependent upon player skill level, arrival and departure times. These will be advised in advance where practicable else on the night.
  4. Note: a Covid-19 Officer (Stuart) has been nominated together with 2 deputies (TBD) who will be responsible for ensuring that guidelines are followed. Repeated breach of these guidelines without due cause may result in the club losing its playing privileges at St George’s.

Arrival and Departure

  1. Players must arrive changed for badminton. Changing rooms will not be available to players.
  2. On arriving in the car park, players must proceed straight to the sports hall.
  3. On completion of their badminton session, players should proceed straight to the car park.
  4. Whilst transiting through the sports centre to/from the sports hall, face masks should be worn.
  5. Entry and exit shall be through the main sports hall entrance. No other access point should be used.

In the Sports Hall

  1. Poles and nets will be provided by St George’s..
  2. A bench will be provided by St George’s at the end of each court. Up to 2 players may sit on the bench at the extreme ends to maintain social distancing.
  3. Social distancing in accordance with the Government’s latest advice will be adopted when not in play.
  4. The club will provide sanitiser at the end of each court each court.
  5. Sanitiser is to be applied on entry to the Sports Hall and just prior to departure.
  6. Players will be allocated to a bubble or team of up to 6 players. No movement is allowed between bubbles or teams.
  7. Shuttles will be issued to each court as required by a nominated club representative. Shuttles must not be taken from other courts.
  8. On completion of the playing session, shuttles should be collected up and returned to the nominated club representative.
  9. Court separation is such that distancing can be maintained between the courts. Best efforts should be made to stay within one’s own court perimeter.


  1. St George’s will nominate a toilet to be used by the club.
  2. Players using the toilets must wipe down to sanitise all surfaces that they touch whilst in or on the way to the toilets.
  3. Players are responsible for bringing their own wipes and sanitiser or cleaning agent for this purpose.

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