Badminton racquet restringing

Stringing costs £15 (for strings I have in stock) or £10 plus the cost of any other string used or if you supply the string.

I usually have Yonex BG80 Power, BG65Ti, and Nanogy 99 strings in stock.  Other strings can be bought if you want a different string to be used or you can supply your own string.

I will generally return your restrung racquet at the following week's session where you gave me the racquet.  If you need a faster turn-around then you can arrange to collect your racquet.

The manufacturer's maximum recommended tension is generally shown on the cap (just above the handle) or the shaft.  Whilst I will inspect the frame to check for any previous damage, on rare occasions such damage or exceeding the recommended maximum tension can lead to the frame breaking whilst being restrung. I do not accept any responsibility for such damage. Rackets are restrung at your own risk.



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